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The Greenstudio

"To grow a garden is to believe 

in tomorrow!"


about us

The Greenstudio is a Belgian webshop founded by a young ambitious couple to help people create joyful and personal outdoor living spaces at home. Going from bio and organic fertilisers for the perfect lawn to ceramics, decoration, plants, candles, etc. we embrace the outdoors as an extension of (y)our home.


By the creation of our own brand, Ourganique, we provide people green happiness in their house. Buying a plant is 1, but keeping it healthy alive and let it grow unrestrained makes 2.


The Greenstudio team was eco-friendly focused when selecting the range of best quality products for you. This is critical for the success of our brand becoming your trusted outdoor partner.

PAJU Design - Collectie

Green Leaves


Ontdek onze eerste 

OURGANIQUE meststof + onze actie!


Val Pottery

Beautiful Ceramics

Val Pottery



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